A new church and residential re-development in the vicinity of Canary Wharf.
We were extremely pleased to be invited to undertake this new build 5M Church and Residential project which was initially designed by MEP Consultants Max Fordham and Partners, who were unable to continue and carry out a re-design due to other work load commitments, so consequently, we were contacted by The Diocese of London and won the new design on a competitive basis.
The mechanical services proposal for the heating and ventilation is based on heat recovery equipment, offering between 70% and up to 90% within the main church space and incorporating air to air heat-exchange, between the supply and extract ventilation systems.
The heating of the both the church and residential areas is via a combination of heat recovery ventilation/ low pressure hot water and under floor heating with all areas zoned and individually controlled.
The hot water services, for both the church and residential areas utilises a combination of gas fired boilers and roof mounted solar panels. Each system would serve either dedicated hot water cylinders incorporating - dual annular configuration heat- exchangers, and would provide part of the annual heating cost via a free sustainable energy source.
The electrical services included lighting, small power, fire detection, security and lightning protection. 
Yates Associates also undertook the BREEAM input, in conjunction with eb7, to the status, Excellent.
The project commenced in January 2015 and was completed in October 2018.
The sketch and building visual were supplied by the project architects Phelan Architects, London.

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