At the end of the Jubilee Line,  and entrance to the 2012 Olympic Stadium
At a construction cost of 14m an architecturally stunning new structure was completed in 1999 for the millennium when the Jubilee Line opened. Some 250,000 passengers a day pass through the terminal making it not dissimilar to the traffic at Stanstead Airport.
Yates Associates were involved with Hyda Consulting on the mechanical, electrical and specialist lighting design, which was innovative and exciting. The concept of the concourse ventilation was undertaken by Loren Butt and is briefly described as follows:
The structure is clad in aluminium and glass, with a double roof, which acts as a solar energy heated chimney, to draw air across the concourse. A computational fluid dynamics analysis was used to verify the concept in terms of air temperature contours, air velocity vectors and air mass flow. In warm weather enhanced ventilation is created by thermal buoyancy effects. Within the Concourse warmed air rises to roof level and is vented through an opening above the main glazed faced wall, with the cross ventilation induced by the solar heating of the roof void. Air enters the void at its lowest point and leaves through the canopy edge at high level.
A row of uplighters light the concourse to an average level of 200 lux as required by the London Transport brief. The lighting levels were achieved by taking reflectance values of the proposed ceiling and floor tiles at the Bartlett School of Architecture. These were then modelled into the computer calculation programme for the best lamp solution choice.
To achieve the maximum performance from the lighting luminaire reflector, we undertook a 1:10 scale model test at the architects offices utilising a series of diachroic lamps. The results were tabled and passed on to the luminaire manufacturer. The installation achieved the required lighting level, from an evenly lit ceiling with future luminaire maintenance from a well-designed walkway platform.

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