Kasang Kajang describes the proposed scheme:
Our scheme for the illuminated river competition would be a key part of a strategy we are pursuing to transform our capital into a Water City. When standing on Tower Bridge looking west, there are 27 bridges however, when looking east, the first bridge is at the M25, this highlights a key discrepancy which we have been lobbying to change for over 10 years by introducing much needed river crossings in the East of London.
In this context our goal would be to enable a total approach from the centre of London to her Estuary breathing new life into the existing bridges by implementing public engagement and interaction with the new lighting display whilst also raising awareness for the need to extend this connectivity to the East. London has always been a water city. Our goal is to demonstrate that historicity and in a way that transforms our capital as a beacon of hope in our world. 
The Team
London Water City Ltd - CEO Ray Hall FRSA - Lead consultant & strategic approach
Yates Associates: CEO John Yates - Lighting/ Mechanical & Electrical specialists
Berntsen Consulting: CEO Duncan Berntsen - Economic development & Stakeholder specialists
Ksquared: CEO Kasang Kajang - Lighting & Architectural design overview

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